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Tips on maintenance of CDħR,DVDħR...

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Mini CD DVD & Business card CD-R

Mini CD-R DVD-R media series has been receiving a fast popularity in commercial areas with its unique, large capacity and stylish features. 80mm Mini CD-R, mini DVD-R, Business name card CD and shaped CD DVD are more and more frequently seen on occasions like press release, New product announcement, promotions activities,etc. Just put your personalized information into this cute disc to fully explore its commercial value and promote your corporation image...
All the Blank CD-R medias comply with Orange Book standards. Our CD DVD discs are exposed to testing for extreme environment of heat, humidity and light, and prove long-term stable storage over 100 years.

Business name Card CD DVD discs 80mm mini blank DVD-R 80mm mini blank DVD-R disc

Business Name Card CD-R

80mm Mini Blank CD-R

80mm Mini DVD-R Disks

80mm Mini DVD-R for camera DV
3" Mini CD-RW Disk

Mini DVD-R for Camcorder

80mm Mini CD-RW Disk

80mm Mini DVD-RW

120mm Blank CD-R | 120mm Blank DVD-R | Multimedia Name Card CD | 120mm CD-RW & DVD-RW

CD/DVD Replication service:
Replication of CD-ROM, DVD-ROM data medias,CD & DVD audio and video, business name card CDs, 80mm Mini CD DVDs and shaped CD DVD disks replication.

Silk screen print & offset Printing for mini CD-R DVD-R Discs.

Packing of 80mm Mini CD-R DVD-R/RW & Business card CD-R:
Offer basic bulk packing of 50/100 pack per spindle with shrink wrap and diversified custom packaging.

80mm Mini CD-R DVD-R Jewel Case packingMini CD DVD Cake Box packing

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